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Office Staff

We asked your management team a few questions about what they liked about working at The Residences and a few additional questions…

Andrew McGinnes - Property Manager    direct email: [email protected]

Andrew was born and raised in Maryland.  He started working here in 2006 as the Account Manager and after two years, he was promoted to Assistant Manager.   Andrew was named Property Manager in 2015.
Being a true Marylander, he naturally loves Blue Crabs.  He has a three kids, so it is no surprise that one of his favorite things to do is sit around the fire pit in autumn and relax with his family.
Everyone has a bucket list.  Andrew’s number one item on his Bucket List is to drive a Porsche around a race track!
What I love about working here:
“The history of the property creates a feeling much different than other communities in Frederick.  We build relationships and friendships with our residents; they become part of our extended family.  We work hard to create a ‘home’ for each of our residents as opposed to just an apartment.”
My favorite thing about the property:
“My family history has ties to the property from a time period when it was a family home and farm land.  The preserved landscaping and clubhouse makes for a beautiful place to come each day.  The property feels like home and has the old Frederick feel to it similar to that in the downtown district.”

Ann Chapple - Assistant Property Manager

Ann joined our team in 2006 as a Leasing Consultant.  She was promoted to Leasing Manager 4 years later and named Assistant Property Manager in 2015.
When Ann has free time, she likes to hang out with Marley, her English Bull Terrier, and make candles, read or play cards.  Her favorite season is summer and she loves to go camping and hiking with her family.
Ann would love to travel more and hopes to visit Hawaii someday.
What I love about working here:
“In the length of time I’ve been working here I was able to grow and advance in my positions, learning all aspects of our company.  We have a great team that works well together for a common goal—the happiness and satisfaction of our residents.”
My favorite thing about the property:
“I love coming to work and being greeted by the view of the Manor House, a beautiful landmark”

Jessica Burris - Leasing Manager

Jessica has been with The Residences at The Manor since 2009 when she was hired at a Leasing Consultant.  In 2015, she was promoted to Leasing Manager.
Jessica and her family love the summer months when they can go swimming, traveling and camping.  Her favorite thing to eat is chocolate and Jessica’s family includes a cat named George and two geckos named Mike and Maddy.  Stop by the office and ask to see some pictures!
What I love about working here:
“Horning Brothers is a great company to work for and the staff here at The Manor is like family, I also enjoy planning and hosting the resident events we have at the property.  It really gives the staff and residents a chance to interact on a more casual, social level.  Plus, it’s a lot of fun!”

My favorite thing about the property:

“I love the uniqueness and history of this property.  It is a gorgeous community and I get to work in an amazing house every day.”

Christiaan Durham - Leasing Consultant

When not working at The Residences at the Manor, Christiaan spends time with his son and enjoys working out and playing video games. His favorite season is Spring, before it gets too warm and buggy. It is the perfect time to spend outdoors with his pet dog, Akita, exploring the area.
The number one thing on Christiaan's bucket list is to be able to celebrate on Broad Street in Philadelphia when the Eagles win the Super Bowl.

What I love about working here:
“I love being a part of a great team of individuals who are committed to providing the best home possible for our residents. An added advantage is that the residents are wonderful people as well!”
My favorite thing about the property:
“I don't think I will ever tired of the view of the mountains from the Manor House.”

Tammy Kuznik - Leasing Consultant

Tammy started working at the Residences at the Manor 13 years ago as a Porter. Since then, she has held the Services Coordinator position and now the Leasing Consultant position. 
What she loves most about her position is meeting new people. 

What do you do in your free time:
"I spend my free time raising money and bringing awareness to the American Cancer Society by participating in Relay for Life. Another activity i enjoy is crafting." 
What is your favorite food:

Michael Shirk Maintenance Manager

Michael has been a member of our team since 2004.  He has a pet Fox Terrier named Sam and loves to fish and hunt in his spare time.
Being a hunter, it is no surprise that Michael's favorite time of the year is Fall, when deer hunting is in season.  When on vacation, he loves to visit the mountains or the beach.

What I love about working here:
"I love the family atmosphere we have at the property and the fact that we work together to do what we can to have happy and satisfied residents."
My favorite thing about the property:
"I love the people I work with.  They make it easy to wake up and stand tall every morning."